One element of your home that is most likely an afterthought is a gutter system. Sure, they keep water from dripping on your head as you duck in and out of your house, but, ultimately, they serve a much bigger purpose.

A good gutter system eliminates ice sheeting. It sends the water to the sides of the house. The other thing is, if you live in certain areas, there’s a lot of clay, a lot of moisture in the ground. That moisture, if it’s super saturated along the basement and you get a hard freeze in the middle of winter, it actually pushes the foundation in.

Have M&M Exterior Construction come out and evaluate your gutters at no charge.

Our Gutter products Include:

  • 5" & 6" seamless gutters
  • 2"x3" or 3"x4" downspouts
  • Gutter screens and covers

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